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Deposit for commissioned portrait.

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During our consultation, we'll have the opportunity to delve into your vision and preferences for the commissioned artwork, ensuring that we capture the essence of your ideas and bring them to life on canvas. Here are a few points we'll cover:

  1. Artistic Vision: We'll discuss the style, medium, and overall concept you have in mind for the artwork.
  2. Technical Details: We'll address practical considerations such as size, materials, and budget to tailor the artwork to your specifications.
  3. Timeline and Delivery: We'll outline the timeline for completion and discuss delivery options for the finished piece.


This mixed media portrait will combine various artistic techniques and materials, including but not limited to:

  • Acrylic Paint: Providing bold colors and texture to enhance the visual impact of the portrait.
  • Collage Elements: Incorporating collage elements such as textured papers, fabric, found objects, or photographs to add depth and dimension to the artwork.
  • Graphite or Charcoal: Utilizing drawing techniques to define details and contours with precision.
  • Ink or Markers: Adding fine lines, accents, or intricate patterns to enrich the composition.

The portrait will be created in a style that reflects the client's preferences and the unique character of the subject. Whether it's a contemporary, abstract interpretation or a more traditional, figurative representation, the mixed media approach allows for versatility and creativity in capturing the essence of the subject.

The dimensions of the portrait will be determined based on the client's preferences and the desired level of detail. A larger size may accommodate more intricate elements and textures, while a smaller size may emphasize simplicity and focus.

The background of the portrait will complement the subject while providing visual interest and context. It may incorporate abstract patterns, textured layers, or thematic elements that resonate with the subject's personality or story.

The completion time for the portrait will depend on factors such as size, complexity, and the artist's schedule. An estimated timeline will be provided during the initial consultation, with regular updates throughout the process to ensure timely delivery.

Reference Photos:
High-quality reference photos of the subject will be required to capture their likeness and features accurately. Multiple angles and expressions may be helpful in conveying the subject's personality and nuances.

Special Instructions:
Any specific requests or preferences from the client regarding composition, color palette, or thematic elements will be taken into consideration during the creation of the portrait.

The cost of the commissioned mixed media portrait will be determined based on factors such as size, materials, and complexity. A detailed quote will be provided upon consultation, taking into account the client's budget and requirements.

Delivery Address:
The finished portrait will be carefully packaged and shipped to the client's preferred address, ensuring safe delivery and preservation of the artwork.

Payment Details:
Payment terms and methods will be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation, with a deposit required to secure the commission slot and cover initial expenses.


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